The _Heeb_ Olympics and You!

Compete in the _Heeb_ Olympics, a reality competition pitting four athletes (we use that term loosely) against one another in games ranging from "Yarmulke Discus" to "Gefilte Fish Wrestling." The winner will receive the _Heeb_ gold: a lifetime supply of Gold’s mustard, that is.

The event will be filmed on July 10 in Los Angeles and air in August (to coincide with the 2008 Beijing Olympics) on _heebmagazine.com_. If you live in the Los Angeles-area and enjoy being humiliated on camera, send a recent picture of yourself and a brief description of why you’re worthy of one of the four coveted spots to [email protected]_ . Type “Going for the Gold’s” in the subject line.

What do you think?

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  1. lobster

    i almost scored a silver in the 200m Torah Relay at the ’04 games but our home-stretch runner Saul had to pick up that dime conspicuously lying on the track..


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