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You know Rob Ford, right? Of course you do – He’s Toronto’s fresh-faced, go-get’em mayor, with that “can-do” attitude! He’s notorious for his professionalism, curtesy, and surrounding himself with the best and brightest. What a guy! Look, here he is posing for a picture with a guy who definitely did not turn out to be a neo-Nazi!

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Well, it seems as if hizzoner Mayor Ford has gotten himself into a spot of trouble lately. Last week, Gawker’s John Cook alleged to have access to a video of Rob Ford smoking crack – a video that may very well have resulted in at least one homicide. To purchase this video from the young entrepreneurs to whom it belongs (current whereabouts: unknown), Gawker ended up successfully raising over $200K.

That’s nice for Gawker, but we’ve got the real goods, right here at Heeb. That’s right, our crack researchers have unearthed this short video clip from 2011, which clearly shows Rob Ford engaging in all sorts of disreputable behavior, unfit for the office of the mayor.

Is he high on crack in this video? Who knows?  (Today, by the way, is Rob Ford’s birthday – Happy birthday Mr. Mayor!)

[h/t Hebrew Ruckus]

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  1. Bernard Mendelbaum
    Bernard Mendelbaum

    I was hopeful he was going to weather the storm, but watching this newest video, it’s pretty clear the he’s finished.

  2. LisaVL

    Last night when I clicked the link saying “this video” I got a 2 second clip of Mayor Ford smoking crack. Today, when I click the same link I see “Mayor Ford and Rosh Hashana in 6″…nice, but not the video I had hoped to show my office mates (still Ford supporters). What happened?


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