Thanks To Billy Crystal, We’ve Reached Peak “Jacob The Bar-Mitzvah Boy”

That SNL has been mostly cranking out “meh”-worthy turds for the last few seasons is pretty inarguable, but Vanessa Bayer’s “Jacob The Bar-Mitzvah Boy” character has always been a bright spot in an otherwise mediocre cast of reoccurring characters. But after last night’s re-appearance of Jacob, flanked by none other than proud poppa Billy Crystal, I say it’s time to retire the character. End on a high note. The bit, with its all-too-real characterization of a mouthy kid who’s too shy to actually be a performer, can only go downhill from here.

Awkward pauses can only be funny for so long…give poor Jacob the dignified closure he deserves.

…But don’t quote me on on that

What do you think?

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