Long Island’s Nazi Neighborhood, Ukraine’s Jewish-Themed Restaurant, Racist Crowdfunding [Weekly Linkage]

German-Gardens-Map-Yaphank-Long-Island-Town-of-Brookhaven-Adolf-Hitler-Street-Goering-Goebbels-Nazi-German-American-Bund-Settlement-League-Town-Camp-Seigfeld-001This Former Nazi Neighborhood on Long Island with Adolf Hitler Street Still Exists [Untapped Cities]

Waiter, there’s a Jew in my soup: The Jewish theme restaurant where you haggle over the prices! [Dangerous Minds]

How to swiftly torpedo a racist crowdfunding campaign [Death+Taxes]

Why are Bob Dylan’s videos so violent, anyway? [Forward]

Giant Nicholas Cage Head Could Terrorize Canada This Labor Day [GOOD]

Terminally ill man to have world’s first full head transplant [Oddity Central]

Marc Maron Teams With Tony Moore For One-Panel ‘Maron’ Recap Comics [Comics Alliance]

Rocky Horror remake for TV is one of the worst ideas ever, so it’s happening [Topless Robot]

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