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Elfin songstress Taylor Swift earned her fame by creating a successful musical career out of a string of failed relationships. The latest entry on her breakup list is none other than One Direction crooner Harry Styles (with a name like that this guy’s got a promising career ahead of him in porn, if the whole “singing” thing doesn’t pan out) whose high-profile relationship with Swift ended after just two months.

Well, it turns out their breakup may not have been the result of a tumultuous roller-coaster of emotions, or even differing career opportunities (Who knows – “career opportunities” may have been how the two started dating in the first place). As reported by the National Enquirer, Swift and Styles were unable to overcome Styles’ persistent attachment to…his foreskin. The Enquirer quotes friends of Harry who say the singer was:

Sick and tired of Taylor nagging him about clipping his…” er,…well, his…er, untrimmed whatsit!… [she] didn’t like the fact that English-born Harry was not circumcised – she even suggested he undergo surgery!

Not content to let sleeping dongs lie, Swift allegedly took things one step further, as the Enquirer reports:

Harry made it clear he had no intention of changing anything. He asked her not to mention it again. But Taylor never missed the chance to poke fun or make a comment.

Sounds like the blonde haired, blue eyed country-pop singer might want to consider some rebound Jews to make up for Harry’s lack of a lack of a foreskin. Either way, we can’t wait to hear the break-up anthem Swift will inevitably wring out of her and Styles’ turtleneck troubles.

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  1. Angel

    Pathetic… how can she be so shallow? Any women that tells men to modify their body for her can go to hell.

  2. JoeBW

    It’s very uncommon for non-Jewish men in Europe to have circumcised penises. The assumption is that if you are circumcised you’ve either had it done for religious or medical reasons.

    There’s a lot of pro and anti debate in the US, but really it doesn’t seem to affect men’s health issues positively or negatively and it’s just a matter of personal preference… for the man and his family. NOT for a girlfriend.

    I’d be horrified if any girl made a comment about my foreskin or lack thereof… not to mention it going public. Disgusting.

  3. concerned cynic

    @JOEBW: the vast majority of European bald johnsons are attached to men of Moslem ancestry.

    If this story is true, it is very revealing of the real reason American goyim give their sons a hospital bris: they fear that he will be laughed at in the middle and high school locker room. That his future sex life will be stunted by haughty goldener shiksas like Swift. And why? For having a Weird Dick. Snooki, on the Jimmy Kimmel, show revealed that she thinks the same way about the son she birthed 6 months ago. So in the US of A, for a man to retain the pointed penis God intended him to have is a grave faux pas, evidently. And one that must be corrected soon after birth. After all, we don’t Mom and Dad to be reminded of What Nature Intended every time they change Uncut Son’s diaper. That might make Dad feel insecure about his package. And Mom might be tempted to daydream of what it would be like to spend 3 hours in a hotel room with Paul Walker….


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