Stop or My Rebbe Will Shoot (Hey, What Do Want? the _Post_ Took all the Good One-Liners Already)

Rabbi Gary Moscowitz is a gun-toting rabbi who spent three years working for the NYPD (before being fired for undisclosed reasons). He now trains other rabbis on how to defend themselves in case of a terrorist attack during services. Today the New York Post gave him the front page, presumably just so they could come up with fun one-liners. In one article they managed to work in:

“Don’t Mess with Rabbi’s God Squad”

“Go ahead make my high holiday”

“Chosen Guns”

“It’s high noon for the high holidays”

“Mazel-tough guys”

“Revolver Rabbis”

“Temple of Boom”

For fuck’s sake, New York Post, stop doing my job!

Also anything that inspires Gawker to do a round up of “iconic Jews with guns” is good in my book, even if they did leave off the The Hebrew Hammer and John Milius.

What do you think?

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  1. Puck

    Wow, non-kosher, deeply offensive and blasphemous all in the one photograph.
    No offence, but you really have to wonder what exactly the fuck is wrong with Americans.
    This is far more offensive than a few burnt Jew cookies :P


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