Rabbi Gary Moscowitz is a gun-toting rabbi who spent three years working for the NYPD (before being fired for undisclosed reasons). He now trains other rabbis on how to defend themselves in case of a terrorist attack during services. Today the New York Post gave him the front page, presumably just so they could come up with fun one-liners. In one article they managed to work in:

“Don’t Mess with Rabbi’s God Squad”

“Go ahead make my high holiday”

“Chosen Guns”

“It’s high noon for the high holidays”

“Mazel-tough guys”

“Revolver Rabbis”

“Temple of Boom”

For fuck’s sake, New York Post, stop doing my job!

Also anything that inspires Gawker to do a round up of “iconic Jews with guns” is good in my book, even if they did leave off the The Hebrew Hammer and John Milius.