Stop Everything Because SeinQuest2000 Just Won The Internet

 SeinQuest2000_-_A_Guided_Journey_Through_Your_Imageination 3

Maybe I’m a curmudgeonly grouch (“maybe”) but I never understood why people lost their collective shit for @SeinfeldToday, the parody twitter account that imagined a brave new world in which everyone’s favorite show about nothing was still on TV today. Okay, it had a few funny jokes, but, jesus christ, are our lives so empty that we needed to defile the corpse of one of Television’s greatest achievements in order to make our own meaningless existence seem full by comparison?

Enter @Seinfeld2000, and the SeinQuest2000 experience. Part acid-trip, and part post-modern (you know, “weird for the sake of weird“) takedown of our obsession with Seinfeldian necrophilia, SeinQuest2000 is a 11 minutes of freaky genius.


It’s a full browser experience, so you’ll have to head over to to see Jery, Kram, Elane and Garge in action.

SeinQuest2000_-_A_Guided_Journey_Through_Your_Imageination 2

You’re welcome.

[via The Daily Dot]

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