Is Steven Spielberg Trying To Kill “The Boston Jew”?

A few weeks back I posted a video from an a guy who called himself “The Boston Jew,” in which he asked the tough questions about jolly ol’ saint Nick. I liked where this Beantown Yid was coming from, so I shot him an email to see if he was interested in writing for Heeb. He said he was, and we went back and forth discussing what that might look like. Then, after a few email volleys I… dropped the ball, and left him hanging on one of his emails. “No big deal” I thought, “I’ll just pick things up when all this holiday nonsense dies down.” Little did I know that, for this Boston Jew, no news is the worst news.

See for yourselves:

So to you, Boston Jew, I say “If Spielberg is trying to kill you, it’s probably not because of us.”

And to Steven Spielberg (whose birthday happens to be today) I say “Please don’t kill the Boston Jew on our account. And please don’t make any more dreck like “War Horse,” either.”

What do you think?

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