So Anyway, Here’s Shimon Peres Sitting On The Iron Throne

In what’s sure to be the picture that launches a thousand lame political metaphors, former Israeli President, Prime Minister, and founding father Shimon Peres gave the Iron Throne of Westeros a shot while visiting HBO’s “Game Of Thrones” traveling exhibition, currently hopping its way across the globe.



It’s unclear whether Peres is a fan of the show, but he didn’t waste the opportunity to draw some parallels between the state of affairs in Westeros and in the real world.

“The Passover holiday exemplifies that we knew how to release ourselves from the tyranny of foreign thrones and liberate ourselves from slavery to freedom,” Peres said. “Although in Game of Thrones there are many sword fights and beheadings, in the real world it is the duty of leaders to seek any way towards peace.”

Why a nonagenarian Jew would want to sit on a bunch of rusty swords and not lounge on a beach chair in Boca is, frankly, beyond me.

What do you think?

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