Skype Beta Allows 10-Way Chats, 15 Opinions

Jewish Skype SessionThe latest Windows beta of popular VoIP and video-chat client Skype has rolled out 10-way chat, doubling its already ridiculous maximum. That’s right, you too can bring in family and friends for a CNN-styled panel from the comfort of your own home.

There’s an old Jewish joke that basically boils down to the following maxim: 2 Jews, 3 opinions. By that logic, a Jewish Skype session would contain 15 dissenting viewpoints. The good news is it can re-open the debate on whether or not a Minyan is kosher over video-chat, allowing nerdy shut-ins to say Kaddish. The bad news is there’s a strong likelihood you’ll get someone masturbating on camera if you reach out for a random chatter.

Oh well. I hear the next step is Skype Sanhedrin, which will feature 106.5 opinions.

(via Mashabale)

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