Shtetl Bunnies: Arielle

Meet our first Shtetl Bunny: Arielle

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I’m a 24 year old New York native, currently living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. During the day I work at a public relations firm that specializes in arts and cultural institutions. In my non 9-5 hrs I am a curator for the North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition. I love yoga and pursuing the good life: good friends, good food, good family. I like keeping my life simple and seeing what little adventures spring up on me at any given time!

Photography: Peter G.M. Svarzbein
Make-up: Sacha Selhi
Hair: Tovah Avigail
Special thanks to Christopher Porzio and to the MFA photo video department at SVA.

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  1. Mikey P

    Is this a Brooklyn-based dating feature? Because it should be!

    Mikey P in the Red Hook Shtetl


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