Sean Penn; Nazi Hunter or Frontman of the Cure?

Your first reaction to watching the trailer for Sean Penn’s forthcoming film This Must Be The Place will be “HUH?” “WHAAAAA?” or a variation thereof. And the plot…?
In his finest performance since I Am Sam (stone cold classic), Penn Is “a bored, retired rock star sets out to find his father’s executioner, an ex-Nazi war criminal who is a refugee in the U.S.”

Of course he is.

After having first seen the actor in full make-up months back on a movie blog, I was hoping for a Robert Smith biopic. Finally, I would know why the Cure frontman had to wait all the way until Friday–after all, Wednesday also seems like a perfectly good day to fall in love. But no. Instead we get a movie that was presumably pitched to Hollywood as “the Crow meets the Simon Weisenthal Center.”

Look, Sean, I get that ScarJo dumped you and things are tough right now, but now’s not the time to experiment. Go for an award-winning crowd-pleaser, win the Fox News demographic back, give Michael Bay a shout. Or if I were you, I’d do another biopic like Milk. Wait, how about the Robert Smith biopic? Dude, you’re already in make-up.

What do you think?

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