Scripted Pic Shtick: Hu’s House?

Hu and Kissinger

The second we saw this image at Heeb, we just started vomiting jokes. So here are a few scripts we thought could go along with this. Feel free to play along in the comments.

Hu: Did you just pass gas?
Kissinger: That is not an American concern.

Hu: Knock knock.
Kissinger: Hu’s there.

Both Simultaneously: You people all look the same to me!

Kissinger: I love your peoples’ food, but it goes right through me.
Hu: How does that work since you shit out your mouth?

Kissinger: I wrote you a poem. “Mao is the winter of our discontent…”
Hu: Prick.

Kissinger: Chinaman.
Hu: Kike.

What do you think?

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