Sarah or Michele? ‘Jews for Sarah’ Responds

With Michele Bachmann winning the straw poll, the question of Sarah or Michele for president seems to have been answered.

Or has it?

We asked Jews for Sarah’s Benyamin Korn his opinion. Jews for Sarah responded,

Sarah Palin has welcomed both Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry into the race. The more people advocating “commonsense conservative” ideas, the better, and the more discussion and debate of these ideas among the American people, the better.

We do not accept the notion that the Republicans are weak or that Obama is somehow invulnerable. We are encouraged that by far the most engaging personalities are aligned with the Tea Party wing of the GOP, and that it is the “moderates” who seem to have an enthusiasm deficit.

Notice that in the recent debt-ceiling deliberations, it was Sarah who rallied the Congressional freshmen at the crucial hour, who had by far the most comprehensive statement about the debt and our credit rating after the credit downgrade and the market swoon, and who attracted mobs of supporters and news media just by agreeing to speak at the Iowa State Fair.

Sarah does not have the struggle of other candidates to achieve national name recognition, attract a passionate base of supporters, or show that they can have an impact on Washington.

Unlike the others, she can wait to get into this race. Bill Clinton waited till September, Reagan till December. Sarah is a most astute student of our political history, especially of Reagan’s political career. Recently she said that she would make her intentions clear by the end of September, and that she would run a very unorthodox, grass-roots campaign, as she always has.

Our support for her, and our confidence in her, are not based on the desire to be political “players”, but on the need to respond to our nation’s crisis in behalf of a truly great and transformative political figure.

Game on!

Update: We should have added that Bachmann and Perry, along with Sarah, are solidly pro-Israel, and aligned with conservative Christians who embrace the vision of America as a Judeo-Christian nation.

Do you want Michele or do you want Sarah? Let us know which candidate (of the two) you prefer and why, and email us at info [at]

What do you think?

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10 Responses

  1. Ric Velasco

    How about taking either one and stuffing her up the other one’s tuchus?

  2. AJSteele

    All that some people have is the ability to respond with hate and crass “jokes”. Thats the Palin derangement syndrome. It is often said that Palin supporters are driven by emotion. I think it’s clear by surfing the net that the real emotional knee jerkers are the Palin haters. Sarah Palin is a decent, intellectually underestimted person and a staunch supporter of Israel and the Jewish people in general.

  3. frank burnsf

    If she is right, and “submit to” means “respect” why doesn’t God also tell husbands to “submit to” their wives?? But of course she really believes it says they should submit — hence her comment about yielding to his wishes about law school, even though she didn’t want to go. The upshot? We saw a point where Bachmann had to choose between publicly affirming her religious beliefs and saying what she figured was necessary politically — and I guess we all know what she did.

  4. Chicky

    @AJ Steele

    Lol ‘Sarah Palin is intelligent, underestimated’. By that same logic, Glenn Beck is one of the most underground, smartest people in the world! Long live politicians who exploit history and use faulty ‘analytical thinking’ for their own personal gain.

  5. jpeditor

    @blabigail – you are aptly self-named, for your understanding of Christian support is comparable to nonsense.

    What Palin prays for re messianic times is different from Judaism but certainly far less dangerous than what you and Barack Hussein Obama get from your support of marxism and jihad against America and Israel.

    (You ARE aware, blabi, that we Jews ALSO wait for the Messiah, we simply don’t think HE’s been here before nor do we believe he’s divine).

  6. heidi

    Sarah Palin and astute in the same sentence? Smart enough to trick a moose but not more than that. I dont know much about Ms. Bachmann.
    Im a former Reagan Republican that resigned because of the filth foisted on the world through the Clinton impeachment. Hillary and Chelsea did nothing to deserve that sort of humiliation. I am still horrified by the dichotomy of values that are currently held by the “right wing” G-d fearing people should be guided in all they do by moral principles — not just when it serves their cause.


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