Coco Chanel Was a Total Nazi Spy Bitch!

Attention all Jewish princesses and snobby suburban mothers! Hide your two-tone ballet flats and put away your chain link purses! (At least for a few weeks until the news dies down.) A new book, Sleeping With The Enemy: Coco Chanel’s Secret War by Hal Vaughan reveals your favorite Bloomingdale’s designer was a bonafide Nazi. That’s right, girls. Believe it or not, Coco was a secret Nazi spy. Bitch. And it’s not as if she had a laissez-faire dislike either, she actively participated in the Abwehr military intelligence organisation led by her lover and “Nazi master spy” Baron Hans Gunther von Dincklage. Now one has to wonder, what was the real design concept behind Coco’s famous chain link bag?

What do you think?

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Product of the Westchester prep school, Abigail learned the etiquette of lawn parties with porcelain Barbies from the age of 5. Now graduated to bankers and lawyers of the most rarified knickerbocker circles, she is like Ivory soap 99 and 44/100th percent pure.

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  1. Strelnikov

    I knew there was something sleazy going on with Coco from 1940-44; any true French patroit would have fled to Britain and pulled some of that “Army of Shadows” stuff, or gone Underground, or run off to Switzerland.

  2. Estragon

    It only goes to show: even if all you are is a filthy Nazi whore, there’s no reason you can’t look good doing it.

  3. nicole

    Even though she is dead now…I’m not buying anything from her brand…they are overpriced anyway…but she was actively hating Jews and gays…she could only start her business because of her rich lover…A sort of kim k of the day with a better sense of style but even more evil soul…bitch..


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