Roseanne is Sick of Being Misunderstood

Roseanne answers her critics with aplomb on

Hitler thought he was being really manly "cleaning Germany up" by burning people in ovens. I was making fun of him, not his victims. My caricature of him very aptly imitates the "man with a godly mission" pose that he struck in all the early photographs taken of him. I portray him being very proud of his burnt cookies, because in his last words, he was proudly congratulating himself for killing so many Jews, and encouraged the German people to carry on his mission against the "International Jew." The guy actually thought that killing jews was a good thing! The language that he used is still being used by many world leaders to this day. He killed my whole family, it is true, but he is also dead, and I ,a Jewish woman am still alive to make fun of him, and I will continue to make fun of the little runt for the rest of my life! He, and his ideas need to be laughed at even more these days, picked apart and analyzed up and down, as there are more and more people denying his crimes, and more and more despots trying to copy them.

Rock on Sister! Like Oliver, I also adore Roseanne Barr and I hope one day I can get my own Poloraid taken with her.

What do you think?

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  1. teacake

    “He, and his ideas need to be laughed at even more these days, picked apart and analyzed up and down, as there are more and more people denying his crimes, and more and more despots trying to copy them.”

    Laughed at? I think not. Not a laughable matter e

  2. Puck

    I hardly think you’re qualified to speak on behalf of Jewish people (I’m Jewish and I’m not offended…sounds like an awesome bumper sticker)…nor are you in a position to declare that Roseanne doesn’t like “…most Jewish people or Israel”. A Jew criti

  3. bridgham

    Just out of curiosity, what would Heeb find too offensive to publish?

  4. Liz

    Actually now that I’m thinking about it putting restrictions on what is appropriate (and funny) has come up before. Does the Inquisition, Stalinist Russia, and Nazi Germany ring a bell?

  5. Anonymous

    First of all, people keep talking about drawing lines. What exactly does that mean? Not only is it a rather nebulous concept, it’s also decidedly cliched (apparently, it’s a tennis term–which is also kind of lame). Can we come up with a new phrase, pleas

  6. mrnhghts

    bridgham wrote,

    Seriously. Where does Heeb draw the line? Anywhere?

    People (and publications) “draw” their own “lines” all the time. I don’t even understand the question.

    Why don’t you ask the real question? Okay, I’ll do it for you.

    How is

  7. bridgham

    We all set boundaries regarding what is acceptable, whether it’s a person or a publication. I never suggested that Heeb pander to its critics. I only asked what its editors would find too objectionable (to themselves) for publication. Every publication h

  8. Puck

    Fair point, perhaps, re keeping it within the ‘family’.
    Though one could argue the same for the New Yorker ‘Obama as Terrorist’ cover.
    One can’t always modify things so that the lowest common denominator wont take them the wrong way.
    These photos wont

  9. mrnhghts

    bridgham wrote,

    Jewish culture has survived because there have always been rituals, beliefs and practices that we don’t alter for anybody

    1) This is not about ritual nor theological belief and practice. Having said that, for the record…

    2) W

  10. Puck

    Editorial guidelines are a funny thing, offensive is (arguably) a subjective term. I don’t think it is, however, unreasonable to ask exactly at what stage Heeb would draw the line…if ever.
    Presumably everyone’s tolerance has its breaking point, I thin

  11. teacake

    Well Puck, I am Jewish and grew up in the 60s. I fixed the picture to make it satirical. Roseanne fucked up. And she is a Jewish anti-Semite. She just opens her big mouth and its obvious. (I’ve also had personal encounters on her long forgotten blog) Mea

  12. mrnhghts

    teacake, there should be a comma between “Jews” and “bitch.”


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