Rockstar Games Slips Anti-Semitic Zinger in Red Dead Redemption

You gotta love the shitkickers at Rockstar Games, for, no matter the given zeitgeist of their latest video game title, they always manage to squeeze in a friendly jab at the Jews. If it isn’t black-hatted Hasidim crossing the street in Grand Theft Auto IV, tempting just about any 15-year old into hauling ass and running ’em down in cold blood (and recording the massacre for all of YouTube to see), then it’s an anti-Semitic zinger dished out by a fellow poker player in Rockstar’s newest gem, Red Dead Redemption.

Just sit down at a poker table in in the wild west adventure, and one of your fellow players will blurt out an imprompty, “The Southwestern Railroad Company is just a front for the Jews to run the country, you know.” Huzzah.

What do you think?

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Brian Abrams

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  1. Emerson

    It’s almost ironicalistic that a web site that has no problem with casual Jewish hipster anti-semitism is pointing this out.

  2. Spencer

    What about at the general store in Armadillo, where the clerk always assures you that none of his products have been handled by Jews?

  3. Amy

    When is the game coming to PC? It’ll suck if this doesn’t make it to PC. But i’m not holding my breath. any idea about PC version??

  4. Gaute

    Just to make myself clear : I do not hate jews or have been affected by video-games in any way against judaism. Alhtough I find it extremely funny, I love Israel oranges, they are much better than the Spanish ones.


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