Pauly Shore is on Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube; Still No Encino Man 2

Pauly Shore has joined the digital ranks of a number of forgotten celebs in an attempt to give his career a second wind and, natch, pimp his mockumentary DVD, Adoption. I’ll give the man credit for, at the ripe age of 42, he’s figured out how to use Tumblr and Twitter and even maintain a YouTube Channel with, as of this afternoon, 555 subscribers.

Trouble is, The Weasel doesn’t really seem to have anything to vlog about. You can catch some clips from his vid starring a cute African boy, a shoutout to Lamar Odom’s penis and making a plea to his forthcoming 1,000th subscriber that he’ll make a video of whatever he/she wants. Um, how about you quit wasting our precious Web-surfing hours and do Encino Man 2?

What do you think?

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