Rink Lound Up

D’ohfamation (Asylum)

You Just Got Japp’d! (The Daily What)

"This One Time at Band Camp… a Baby Shot Out of My Pussy." (Agent Bedhead)

Michael Cera Feeds the Gueeds (FilmDrunk)

Tit Builder 3000 (Screen Junkies)

Paradox Party: Heroes Needs Saving (Seriously? OMG! WTF?)

Life in the Crap Lane (Cracked)

Assassisanitation (mental_floss)

G-Spotless! (F-Listed)

How to Commit World Wide Suicide (Flavorwire)

Soundgarden Can’t Hold A Grunge (Back Hole Sun) (Death + Taxes)

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Alex Rubin is a grumpy punster. He is also a musician & writer. Born a middle child in Maryland with a passion for Judeo-Erotic Fan Fiction, he arrived at Heeb after completing The Diary of Anne Spank. He currently resides in Coney Island (no soliciting).

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