Rich Man, Poor Man and the $545 Pair of Jeans

Finally the perfect jeans for the conflicted man: a $545 pair of DSquared jeans with “Rich Man” embroidered on one ass cheek and “Poor Man” on another. I’ll put aside the fact that no poor man could afford these jeans, but rich or not who would spend this much money on something so hideous? While I’ll admit that the smell of dollar bills and caviar is far more enticing than garbage and B.O., I’d take a poor man over a smug asshole in these jeans any day.

What do you think?

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  1. ryanharish

    Its not about rich or poor person. Its about money. If someone buy it not mean that person be rich poor.

  2. tylerparkman

    I really don’t get why people spend outrageous amounts of money on clothing like this. Even if you are rich, what’s the point. A lot of better ways to spend $545.

    Maybe that’s just me.


  3. Anonymous

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