Primary Tuesday Link Roundup

Here’s one primary race to watch: dentist/crazy birther-lady, Orly Taitz, is running in the California GOP primary for Secretary of State. Apparently, Taitz stands a chance to win. Yikes. (Huffington Post)

Jon Stewart mocks Helen Thomas, who eases into retirement with a nap and a 4:30 dinner reservation. (Gawker)

Creepy fuck, Joran van der Sloot, has confessed to killing a Peruvian woman. Inmates around the world prepare to make this newly bleached-blond dude their bitch. (NY Mag)

In an “anything you can do, we can do better” game with Turkey, Egypt places its own sanctions against Israel: taking away citizenship of Egyptian men married to Israeli women. (Foreign Policy)

Russian soldiers are charged with looting from the plane wreck that killed Poland’s prime minister. The great tradition of Russians filching shit from Poles continues… (Slate)

German-Jewish group plans to send flotilla of its own. World scratches head that there are still, in fact, German Jews. (Yeshiva World)

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