Please Talk to Your Grandparents About Safe Sex

Haaretz understands that difficult conversations are easier when holding hands and dancing in a circle.

Admittedly, some conversations are harder than others. But tough love means telling it straight. Do you really want granny coming home with a case of herpes after a night of Bingo gets a little out of hand? No one is telling grandpa where he can and can’t stick his shlong, but he needs to know it is his responsibility to take precaution, and Alzheimer’s is no excuse.

Talk to her about penis, orgasm, and STDs. She will thank you!

Fortunately, Florida’s Ruth Rales Jewish Family Service is here to help.

Haaretz reports in “Bubbe and Zeide, watch out for STDs!” that,

Dianne Matthew’s lecture series on sex education for the 55-and-older gated communities of Boca Raton and Delray Beach began a decade ago, but in the wake of a recently reported “epidemic” among seniors, it has acquired a more urgent tone.

“I use blatant language,” Matthew, a licensed clinical social worker affiliated with South Palm Beach County’s Ruth Rales Jewish Family Service
“They’re not 12-year-old virgins,” she said. “You should be able to say the words ‘vagina,’ ‘penis,’ ‘orgasm.’”

You should and you must!

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