Pisa Party

Personally I can’t imagine anyone going to the trouble of constructing 12,000 pieces of Jenga into a Tower of Pisa just to watch it fall to shambles, but I’m glad someone did.

What do you think?

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Brian Abrams

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  1. Brian Abrams

    I don’t know. I’m having doubts. To quote a friend the “Dick Cheney-lookin’ guy looks far too real.” I agree. I just don’t picture these two being part of some hacker comedy troupe.

  2. iconic

    nah. still think it’s fake because before it comes down, there’s too much mic cable shtick .

  3. Hesed


    If you’re gonna go to all that trouble to make a Youtube video why not take some fucking acting lessons before you shoot it?

  4. iconic

    smirking Cheney-like guy
    fake info
    some people don’t believe it’s fake info
    “watch it fall to shambles”
    Cheney guy still smirking (maybe even bigger smirk)
    …. this video about the war??


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