Perry Farrell Lectures Crowd About The Importance Of Sex On Shabbat

Perry_Farrell_Coachella_Valley_Music_Arts_nkQZMMH94a8l_jpg__594×396_No matter how bored or inattentive people may be when it comes to Jewish education, just ask any Hebrew school degenerate dropout about sex on the sabbath, and their eyes probably will light up. “Oh, it’s a double mitzvah” – an act ostensibly rendered twice as holy by ancient rabbinic sages, in that it fulfills the divine commandments to both enjoy the sabbath, as well as to be fruitful and multiply.

Janes Addiction frontman Perry Farrell (who was born Perry Bernstein, and occasionally performs as “DJ Peretz”) is, perhaps, the Hebrew school degenerate: a rock and roll wild man whose sex-and-drugs-soaked career belies a serious immersion in Jewish spirituality. That’s why, at a Time Square performance – part of recent CBGB Music & Film Festival – Farrel ended Jane’s Addiction’s classic “Stop” with some A+ rock and roll banter on the importance of getting Friday night head, and giving Friday night face. No, this was not just your typical pontification on good fucking. This was a talmudic lecture (albeit one full of NSFW language…)

Farrell told the Time Square crowd:

“I want to get my dick sucked, I do. I’m not saying you have to suck it, I’m saying I want my dick sucked. Is it Friday night? It’s Friday night, time to get your dick sucked.”

That said, Farrell isn’t simple all about receiving, without giving in return. After all, as he must know, there’s ample rabbinic teachings on a husbands obligation to pleasure their wives, as well.

…Every Friday night, which is tonight, I’m licking [my wife’s] pussy.”

A talmudic scholar! A rabbinic sage! Someone who truly understands the importance of sex on the sabbath!

There’s just one thing – it was a Sunday

 [via Gothamist]


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