Jewdar has never been particularly inclined to watch tennis, but this week, we’ve got nothing but love for the Tennis Channel. For those who’ve missed it, this past week, Dubai denied Israeli Tenniseuse Shahar Peer a visa, thereby keeping her from competing in their big, fat tennis tournament. While we can’t say this story has a happy ending (Peer’s visa is still not anywhere she wants it to be), there has been something satisfying about the response of everyone outside of Dubai. The Women’s Tennis Association has announced that it’s considering plans to cut Dubai out of it’s future tournament schedule, and the Tennis Channel’s CEO, Ken Solomon (whom we suspect may have something of a personal interest in the matter) is refusing to air the current tournament. No word yet on whether or not Dubai will be shutting the door on Israeli player Andy Ram, due to arrive later on this week. If they let him in, will we finally be able to say that justice has been served?

What do you think?

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  1. Puck

    Sports should always trump politics?
    Yes, that’s the argument the Olympic committee used when they decided to let Hitler host the Olympic games, despite his moves to ban Jewish athletes.
    Politics trumps everything, sport is irrelevant.


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