We at Jewdar were delighted as usual by the spectacle of another gentile in a yarmulke, but apparently, not everyone is as thrilled. The McCain campaign took the opportunity to zing Obama for his appearance at Yad Vashem, issuing a statement suggesting that Obama is soft on genocide. It’s nice to know that if World War II happens again, McCain’s got our back.

What do you think?

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  1. Puck

    Hmmph…seems to me Obama’s point was that the USA is soft on genocide…at least when it occurs in countries that don’t have any oil.
    I’m not big on gentiles in yarmulkes personally, but hey, whatever floats your boat :P

  2. iconic

    its just the Republicans.. . .telling us again
    to be afraid, be really afraid.

  3. neurolux

    So remind me, what current president is looking the other way during the genocide in Darfur?

  4. Hesed

    Or more pointedly, which current President has caused the second largest refugee crisis behind Darfur?


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