Now Kosher For Passover: Poison

Look, I know Passover food tastes awful (Yes, it does. Don’t send me your grandmother’s recipe for matzo pizza, or whatever, because “It’s soooo good, I eat it year round!” It’s garbage. Stop kidding yourself). But is Passover food so bad that even our poisons need to be certified?

via Facebook/Hanoch Daum

via Facebook/Hanoch Daum

I’m no rabbi (“Y’don’t say!”) but based solely on the above, here are some other things you adventurous gormandizers might be interested to know are also almost certainly, probably kosher for Passover:

  • Running chainsaws
  • Live electrical wires
  • Battery acid
  • Shards of broken glass

and of course Matzo.

What do you think?

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