Notorious J.A.P. Gets Her Credit Card Back

So my Dad gave me back my credit card after a month suspension, so I went to the mall, and I spent a little more than I should of. Today I went to Sephora to get this concealer and some blush, and I’m soooo embarrassed. Have you ever had your credit card declined? She had to take it back! I really wanted what I picked out, so obviously it made me mad pissed.

This all happened because on Black Friday, I spent too much. And I still have those new clothes on the floor, and I guess Dad doesn’t like that. Also. I probably shouldn’t have bought a second curler. I have a 3/4 inch barrel, and I wanted the 1 and 1/4“ barrel, because it makes bigger curls.

Anyway, today I bought more clothes. I got skinny jeans, a baseball jacket, and a satchel. Then we went to an Asian-fusion restaurant, and the waiter was really rude to us, because he knew we were JAPs and we aren’t adults. The dinner rush was coming and he wanted to seat adults, and he grabbed the credit card and bill out of my hands.

I think I‘m going to get my card suspended again.

What do you think?

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  1. greenfield

    again with the JAP. Of course we know its origins — from the special seating reserved for men in the synagogue (nearer to the Rabbi, ergo nearer to God), while women hid behind curtains upstairs (remind anyone of the female Moslem attire?). All this, while Jewish men have ALWAYS been accorded the role of specialness in the family (although we had no such siblings in our family). Mendelbaum protests too much. Guilt perhaps?


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