NinJews take on a Catholic Demon

NinJews StillIt’s not every day a filmmaker pops up with a finished toon full of Jewy inappropriateness. Enter NinJews by Josh Bass. The video speaks for itself, but here’s a brief description from the filmmaker himself:

Yoav and Fyvush Goldsteinfeldbergowitzblumbaum are your average mohels (that’s “professional foreskin removers” to you gentiles) with secret identities as Jewish ninja superheroes. When Fyvush begins dating a Catholic woman, Yoav tries to put his reservations aside and be open-minded. But is this apparently sweet girl all she seems? (PSSST. . . she’s not. She’s a demonic supervillain out to convert everyone to Catholicism. Damn, I spoiled it. Sorry)

Cast: Albert Vara, Joey Milillo, Julie Oliver
Writer/Director/Animator/Sound/Music – Josh Bass

Happy Hanukkah everyone.

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