The Nazi Ring In The Vending Machine [Weekly Linkage]

KOKI_nazi_2_kab_141212_16x9_992Oklahoma Boy Puts Quarter In Vending Machine, Gets Nazi Ring [Reuters]

J.K. Simmons, Sarah Silverman & Others Stand Up For Still Punching The Clown [Deadline]

Primitive: Lou Reed’s Pre-Velvet Underground Recordings [Dangerous Minds]

Is Studying Buffy The Vampire Slayer More Important Than Studying Shakespeare? [GOOD]

I Spent 18 Hours In Tel Aviv’s Central Bus Station [Forward]

‘Real’ Noah’s Ark Loses $18 Million In State Funding Because It’ll Only Hire Religious People [D+T]

Why Did Diddy Punch Drake: An Investigation [Noisey]

Inside The Collapse Of The New Yorkers’ Inside The Collapse Of The New Republic [Wonkette]

The Satanic Statue Being Made For The Oklahoma Statehouse Is Coming Along Nicely [Vice]

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