Nadya Ginsburg Calls Lady Gaga “an Interesting Testament to our Times,” Mocks Her Anyway

As Madonna, Cher, Amy Winehouse (pictured, left), among other characters, Nadya Ginsburg rocks the stage with an array of dead-on diva impressions in her nearly-sold out one-woman show, The Nadyalogues, currently running in Los Angeles. If only it wasn’t for the fact that Ginsburg isn’t as famous as she should be, right? Well, there’s a legitimate reason for that. “I kept my name, I kept my nose, these are my real boobs,” she told Heeb. “Sometimes, when you make those decisions in the entertainment business, you find that it is not as easy to have access to the largest amount of parts.”

Fame game and boobs aside, the self-proclaimed “Jew-talian” still has plenty of sex appeal on stage as well as online. So, in case you can’t score tickets to The NadyaLogues, there’s always her YouTube channel, loaded with enough celebrity satire that could easily out-muscle Chelsea Handler your typical cable tv cheerleader. Her Lady Gaga impression, for instance, isn’t just a mockery of the 0-to-60 pop icon but the sheep who follow her.

“She is an interesting testament to our times with her whole manufactured image,” Ginsburg said. “I love how she appeals to all the freaks. It’s like she read Being a Gay Pop Icon for Dummies and went, ‘Okay’. . .It’s, like, these days how you have to have this gimmick.”

See Ginsburg gone Gaga in “Al Roker Face” below.

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