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Don’t bother complaining to Sunda Croonquist about your obnoxious mother-in-law, because she’s got you beat. The comedian’s mother-in-law, Ruth Zafrin, is suing Croonquist over jokes in her act that are allegedly "malicious" and "based on her hatred towards [Mrs. Zafrin.]" To heighten the family drama, Croonquist will be represented by her lawyer husband (Zafrin’s son) while Croonquist’s sister and brother-in-law have joined their mother as co-plaintiffs in this legal battle.

Obviously, this suit is retarded and should be thrown out immediately. I think Zafrin has a better chance of suing Croonquist on the grounds that she’s a hack (though her bit about Jews not being able to whisper did make me smile).

What do you think?

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  1. steven

    I don’t think the mother-in-law will win her lawsuit, but I can see why she is upset. This isn’t really that funny, either. What I want to know, is what did the son do about it? Why didn’t he say to his wife, “Honey, this stuff may be true, but she’s m

  2. Puck

    She hates her Mother In Law, it seems…but yes, one wonders what role the son played in this (if any).

  3. Puck

    Hmmm good point…maybe this is all a PR Stunt. It seems inconceivable that a matter could be allowed to get this out of hand.
    Is that the three of them in the photo? Surely the real question is how he ever managed such a hottie in the first place?

  4. iconic

    Instead of shtick about her MIL …. she could have talked about her shmendrik husband.

  5. lobster

    judging from the fonts on the sign, that’s gotta be one of those two-drink-minimum joints where you can get 20 friends in free… cuz if I had to pay $5 to see her set, i’d file a class action :[]

  6. Puck

    She may not be this “bettie grable” of which you speak…but she could do a whole lot better than the spineless heffalump she married :P


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