Mix Master Mike Takes On DC’s “Teen Titans Go!”


Mix Master Mike is the beneficiary of one of the rarest, most valuable honors of the modern era: The Beastie Boys wrote a song about him. Frankly, if he’d dropped the mic (er… turntable) the moment the Beastie’s 3 MCs and 1 DJ hit the airwaves, who could really blame him? Fortunately, Mix Master Mike (Born: Michael Schwartz) has kept his mix mastery on point, most recently by remixing the theme to the much-anticipated superhero cartoon Teen Titans Go!, which is set to premier on Comedy Central at the end of April.

Complex, which debuted the remix, explains:

The original Teen Titans animated series went off the air over seven years ago, so it makes sense that Cartoon Network would want to give some features of the show a little sprucing up before rebooting it. The results: A new animated series called Teen Titans Go! set to premiere on Cartoon Network later this month, featuring the theme song from the original show remixed by DJ and Beastie Boys collaborator Mix Master Mike.

Here’s a trailer for the show:

If the combination of iconic hip-hop personality and hyperkinetic cartoon leaves you scratching your head, don’t forget that every single Gorillaz album went platinum, and Paula Abdul was mixing it up with MC Skat Kat almost 25 years ago.

Unfortunately, Mix Master Mike’s remix is non-embedable, so head over to Complex to listen to him work the ones-and-twos, before Teen Titans Go! premiers on the 24th.


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