Mezuzah + Jesus Christ = “Christooza,” A Real Thing That Actually Exists



They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, which I suppose means we should be glad the “Christooza” exists, right?

Reports the NY Post:

Henry Zabarsky’s Christooza is a hollow plastic cross containing a piece of prayer-inscribed parchment — which, like the traditional Jewish mezuzah, is also intended to be affixed to doorposts.

Zabarsky, a Orthodox Jewish financial advisor from Queens, came up with the idea after visiting the home of a devout Catholic client, and noticing her collection of Israel and Judaica themed tschochkes. Inspired, Zabarsky created his own tschochke and now sells his (as of June 21st patent-protected) Christoozas for $20, plus “customizable” blessing inserts for an additional $5.

The Christooza isn’t the first instance of inter-religious product production (remember the unfortunate “Menorah-Tree“?) and it definitely won’t be the last, either. I’m sure our more enterprising readers are already thinking up other pieces of Judaica they could adapt for other religions – Shinto Yarmulkes? Hindu Seder plates?

The possibilities are endless.



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