Matisyahu Has A Hanukkah Message For You All

Oh Matisyahu. Everyone loves this guy. Unless they hate him. It seems like there’s no middle-ground when it comes to people’s opinions of the (formerly Hasidic) reggae superstar. But, whether you prefer your ‘yahu with, or sans-beard, there’s no denying his heart is in the right place with this one. Through December 16th, all proceeds from Matisyahu’s “Happy Hanukkah” single will go toward victims of Hurricane Sandy through the Jewish Federations of North America and the Robin Hood Foundation.

“I am from New York and wanted to give back to my incredible community in the wake of Hurricane Sandy” Matisyahu writes on his website. Well, so are we. So hey, give Matisyahu’s “Happy Hanukkah” a listen. If you like it, download it. Don’t like it? Gift it to someone who will. It’s for a good cause.

Happy Hanukkah, folks.

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