Mani Being Mani

Manischewitz maniacs rejoice: Tam Tam crackers are back on the shelves after what the New York Times called "the great Tam Tam shortage of 2008."

This year, the Newark-based facility that produces the company’s signature matzah collection ran into technical problems with some newly installed, state-of-the-art matzah-making machines. The company scrambled to eliminate production of a few products to get enough matzah out there. Even still, the Tam Tam loss hit hard and even had NY Mag positing conspiracy therories.

For those of you who have never spent time in the pantry of a Jewish grandmother, Tam Tams are bite-sized matzah crackers, which are now available in a variety of crispy flavors. On the market since 1940, the never-stale munchies account for about $2 million in annual sales. In a press release sent out this week, David Rossi, VP, Marketing, R.A.B. Food Group says, "We are grateful for our consumers support during this time and are proud to say that the Tam Tams you know and love are back and better than ever."

You can now your resume your constipation.

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