Malcolm McLaren Meets His Maker

His name may not cacophonously shriek "Jew," but, in case the Jew-fro didn’t give it away, punk impresarioMalcolm McLaren (seen above in younger, Jew-froier day), who just died at 64,was definitely a Member of the Tribe. We’re sure that somebody or another is going to write one of those tedious exercises in which they talk about how Punk was inherently Jewish because…well, really, who really cares? The fact is that while the Sex Pistols in their most famous form may have been fairly lousy musicians,Never Mind the Bollockstotally kicked ass, and lord knows Jewdar spent enough time listening to it back in the day. So while ourintense piety prevents us from listening to music until Lag B’omer, as soon as God gives us the go-ahead, we know what we’ll be putting on our Rhapsody playlist.

What do you think?

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The Tel Aviv-born, Milwaukee-bred Jewdar has a bachelors' from the University of Wisconsin, a Masters from NYU, and an Honorable Discharge from the US Army, where he spent two years as an infantryman in the 101st Airborne Division. He's the co-author of "The Big Book of Jewish Conspiracies", the Humor Editor of Heeb Magazine, and a watcher of TV. Smarter than most funny people, funnier than most smart people, he lives on the Lower East Side with his wife and two sons.

11 Responses

  1. snuffweedbooze

    McLaren was an absolute genius.
    He managed to piss everyone and their mums (well…especially their mums) off and made a tidy sum doing it.
    The world is a less interesting place without you Malcolm.

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