Links with a Shpritz

DIY Seltzer Drinks (Jew and the Carrot)

Soros tried. (NY Times)

Hassidim know how to get out the vote. With an automated telephone appeal (in Yiddish) from a convicted criminal, espousing the advantages the candidate offers to convicted Orthodox criminals. (Dov Bear)

Best Breakfast of Champions: Cinnamon Challah Knots at Amy’s Bread (NY Press)

What happens when a blogger grows beyond his long-time readers? (Ben Atlas)

Aw, shucks, the terrorists weren’t necessarily targeting Jews! “Perhaps they were just using those [synagogue] addresses to get the [explosive] packages on the planes.” (Forward)

“I do not believe the Judaisms of the past were inevitably better than mine, but I began to suspect that they were thicker.” (Zeek)

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