Links For Being Sexually Assaulted In Palestine And Israel

I_Was_Sexually_Assaulted_in_Palestine_and_Israel___VICE_United_StatesI Was Sexually Assaulted In Palestine And Israel – [Vice]

“Russian Rhapsody”: Gremlins From The Kremlin Battle Hitler In This Insane 1944 Cartoon – [Dangerous Minds]

Six Lessons From Street Food Pioneer Roy Choi – [GOOD]

Why Israelis Are Saying “So What?” To The Rolling Stones – [Haaretz]

Ultra Orthodox Rabbis Urge Women To Limit Internet Use – [Forward]

‘The Royal Tenenbaums’ But Everyone Is Naked (NSFW) – [Death & Taxes]

Indian Court To Rule Whether Frozen Guru Is Dead Or Just Meditating [Disinfo]

‘The Gazebo Song’ Is Your New Favorite Tune About A Pavilion Structure [Hypervocal]

Destroyed Palestinian Village Outfitted With 1,000 JNF Trees Memorializing Denver Couple’s Dead Dog [Mondoweiss]

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