Links For Renting Elliott Gould’s Apartment From Robert Altman’s The Long Goodbye

longgoodbye-quad2304928423Philip Marlowe’s Apartment In Robert Altman’s ‘The Long Goodbye” Is Available To Rent [Dangerous Minds]

How To Get Your Vagina High [GOOD]

What Do Dictators Like Eat? [BBC]

The Science Of Orgasms [Disinfo]

Swimming In Circles: Farewell To My Father [Amichai]

Why I’m Boycotting The Exodus Movie — It’s Racist [Forward]

Holocaust Video Game Competes Against US Army Drone Sim In Bizarre Face-Off [Vice]

Check Out The Swastika In That Swimming Pool! [D+T]

My Father, Locked In His Body But Soaring Free [TED]

Ezra Levant Takes On The Thought Police [Taki]


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