Links to “Knockout the Jew”

knockoutCrown Heights ‘Knockout the Jew’ Attacks Serial Hate Crimes (Jewish Press)

This day in Jewish history / All Jews of England arrested in “coin-clipping” scandal (Haaretz)

Michaela Watkins, Will You Be My Trophy Wife? (Jezebel)

Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin condemned left-wing women’s groups Friday for ignoring MSNBC host Martin Bashir suggestion that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin deserved an inhuman punishment once used against slaves which includes defecation in one’s mouth and urination in victims’ eyes and mouth. (Breitbart)

Is Andy Kaufman Alive? (Dangerous Minds)

Is it really a wonder that within those who are hyper repressed, sexual dysfunction and deviancy comes out the most? (The Scrutor)

Q&A With Art Spiegelman, Creator of ‘Maus’ (Tablet)

Israel looks to muzzle witness in U.S. anti-terror case (The Swiss)

Lee Harvey Oswald’s Killer ‘Jack Ruby’ Came From Strong Jewish Background (Forward)

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