Links for Katz’s Chocolate Egg Cream Candle

katz-s-egg-cream-candle-121313Introducing Katz’s Chocolate Egg Cream Candle (Forward)

Beck Declined to Write Mad Men’s Opening Song (Vulture)

The Jewish Gang That Pulled Off the Most Famous Bank Robbery in Communist History (Tablet)

Israeli special forces shoot dead U.S. killer Samuel Sheinbein after he seized gun and shot six prison guards (National Post)

Ukraine Protests: Israeli Ex-Officer ‘Leads Militant Group’ (International Business Times)

Young ultra-Orthodox Jewish boys wearing traditional headgear smoke cigarettes during the celebrations (Daily Mail)

Why I Write (The Candler Blog)

Divorced From My Husband, and My Faith (NY Times)

In the meanwhile (Naomi Less)

It’s not about religion (The Photo News) (Stop Kiruv Now)

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