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haim-600x450Haim’s Hair Secrets (The Frisky)

Meet the Father of the Father of the Thanksgivukkah Menurkey (Hypervocal)

Menace (Hyperbole and and Half)

Goldbergs, Meet The Goldbergs (Matthue)

Convicted By His Convictions (Not Always Right)

Natalie Portman On The Real Meaning Of Feminism (Huffington Post)

So Remember Kids. Dressing Up like Hitler in School isn’t Cool! (Jewlicious)

Israeli court rejects Israeli nationality status (AP)

Handshake to Hate — Caught on Video (Forward)

A father reflects on his own efforts to stay close to his children after deciding to live a secular life (Tablet)

Why Are You So Angry? (Heathen Hassid)

Losing My Religion, And Missing It When It’s Gone (The American Conservative)

Lakewood Rabbis: Pikuach nefesh to save a Jewish child only if assailant is a Goy! (Daas Torah)

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