Links For An Enthusiastic Joseph Gordon Levitt On Jeopardy

JGLJeopardyJoseph Gordon Levitt Was VERY Enthusiastic On Jeopardy In 1997 (Buzzfeed)

Les Matzarables (Youtube)

Obama, Rachel Goldstein Really Hitting It Off On Group Trip To Israel (The Onion)

Hasidic Women Feel Pressure for Children, But Fathers Fret About Providing (Forward)

The Bitter-Herb Bloody Mary (Tablet)


Watch Yo La Tengo cover The Supremes (Hipster Jew)

Dear Jewrotica #4 – Masturbation (Jewrotica)

WATCH: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Zone series produced by National Geographic (972Mag)

Losing American Interest (Souciant)

Inside Manhattan’s Tower of Internet (The Awl)

Y-Love – “Famous” featuring Brody & Milli810 (YouTube)

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