Links For The Worst Bob Dylan Cover Songs Of All Time

Screenshot_5_27_13_1_48_PMCelebrate Bob Dylan’s 72nd birthday with these terrible covers of his classics (Death and Taxes)

Brawl breaks out among Berlin Jewish community (JPOST)

How JFK secretly admired Hitler (Daily Mail)

We watched the suburbs of Stockholm burn (Viceland)

Female Israeli soldiers storm Al-Aqsa Mosque grounds (ahram)


A Madoff Home for Sale, Tennis Court (but Not the Cognac) Included (NY Times)

Destiny (Unpious)

Seeing Haredi And Orthodox Modesty Rules As Pedophilia (Haaretz)

Immodest Coke Promotion in Israel Causes Problems for Haredim (Jewlicious)

Why Do We Support Spread of Hateful Jewish Fundamentalism? (Forward)

Two suspects in Argentina Jewish Center bombing running for Iran president (Haaretz)

Google, Facebook launch bidding war for Waze (Computer World)

Inspiration: a dissection (Matthue)

The bride with 25,000 guests (Daily Mail)

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