Links for the Falcon Arrested for Spying for Israel

american_kestrel_2Turkey frees bird accused of spying for Israel (Reuters)

Chaste Ascetic? A Letter Details Mahler’s Love Life (NY Times)

Ranked: All 50 Woody Allen Films From Worst to Best (

David Cross and I Have a Question for You (Huffington Post) (Death and Taxes)

Iranian director banned after Israel visit (YNET)

TEN: the novel, Jade’s author notes (The Broken Watch)

Casually Mounting a Jew (Topshop princess)

Fox News Amazed That a Bible Scholar, Who Is Muslim, Wrote About Jesus (gawker)

Atheists In Closet: Rabbis Who Lost God (YNET)

The Secret Genius Of Hasidic Fashion (The Forward)

Meet The Hasids: Getting To Know The People Who Scared Me (Reason)

The Noisey Guide To Jewish Rap (Noisey)


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