Links for Restaurants That Give Their Customers Black Hats and Encourage Them to Haggle Over Food Prices

Photo courtesy of Daniel Estrin

Diners “At the Golden Rose” tavern in the city centre are treated to Klezmer music, given black hats with black pe’ot (sidelocks) to mimic ultra-Orthodox Jews and are told to haggle over the price of their food (Daniel Estrin)

The Vice Guide to Parenting: The Fat Jew (Vice)

Jeweler gave my Rolex to Drake: Manhattan lawyer (NY Post)

Peter Sellers gives Britt Ekland a birthday cake to remember (Dangerous Minds)

It’s the hypocrisy, stupid! (Mobius1ski)

Herpes Risk 3.4 Times Higher For Babies Sucked During Circumcision, CDC Says (Failed Messiah)

The ‘Footsteps’ of Those Leaving Ultra-Orthodoxy (Forward)

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