Links for Hitler’s Jewish Shrinks

Hitler’s Jewish Shrinks (Forward)

C-blocked By Antisemitism! (Deadspin)

14 Photographs That Shatter Your Image of Famous People (Cracked)

Edinburgh Festival 2012: protests disrupt Israeli dance performances (The Telegraph)

Israeli officials play down report of Iran-U.S. deal (Reuters)

Hagai Amir: I don’t regret Rabin’s murder, because you can’t regret a mitzvah (972 Mag)

Mohels Fight City’s “Evil Decree” To Inform Parents About Circumcision Ritual (Gothamist)

Intrepid Shopper Unbelievably Catches the Woman Who Stole Her Wallet After Being ‘Seized by an Instinct” (Jezebel)

The New York Jew who wandered from the flock (The Punch)

A Maronite revival in Israel (JPOST)

The Jewish Popularity Contest (PopChassid)

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