Links for Carl Sagan Planning to Blow up the Moon

How The U.S. Planned To Blow Up The Moon To Win The Cold War (Business Insider)

Last Stop, Tel Aviv (Vice)

Divorce Statement from Mayim Bialik (Kveller)

How Israel Lost (Souciant)

Spain to ease naturalization of Sephardic Jews (Haaretz)

Sholom Rubashkin, Jr. Violates Parole, Must Return To Prison (Failed Messiah)

Sarah Silverman’s Thanksgiving Special (Funny or Die)

Shhh: NY Times Reports on Orthodox GOP Vote (Forward)

Yanukovych addresses nation on Holodomor Remembrance Day (Kyiv Post)

Israeli PM spokesperson apologizes for bombing RT bureau in Gaza (RT)

Nasrallah says Hezbollah will hit Tel Aviv if there is another war (Tehran Times)

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