Links for Assigning an Essay on ‘Why Jews Are Evil’

jewsussWriting Assignment at Albany High School: Explain Why ‘Jews Are Evil’ (NY Magazine)

Nation’s First Sex-Segregated Park Opens in New York (NY Observer)

Meet Nathan Schwartz, The Boy King of Rap Instagram (Vice)

The Nihilism of ‘VICE’ (The Arty Semite)

France’s chief rabbi quits over plagiarism scandal (DW)

Mezuzah Arsonist Confesses, Retaliation for Jews Burning Chometz (Crown Heights Into)

Wait…There Are Jewish Death Curses? (Tablet)

A Raizel by Any Other Name (Unpious)

Don’t Get Naked-Tazed, and 5 Other Things to Avoid at Coachella | The Run Down (The Crosby Press)

Tel Aviv Photo Fair is back (Tel Avivian)

Dom’s laptop is in Iran (Dom’s laptop is in Iran)

Seitz on Louis C.K.’s Oh My God: Life Is Beautiful, and So Is This Stand-Up Special (Vulture)

Madonna, Lower East Side 1982 (Rock Paper Photo)

Another glorious victory for the armchair warriors of Zion! (Dov Bear)

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